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At that time, the 'cherry' in Xiamen was beautiful for you, and the Cherry Valley under the Pearl Tower on the sea was in full bloom

Date: 2022-03-25

Spring is a beautiful season. Everything recovers and a hundred flowers bloom. Therefore, a poem describes the beautiful scenery of "fireworks in Yangzhou in March". Today Abby wants to share with you a good place to enjoy cherry blossoms in Xiamen. It is located in the Cherry Valley under the sea pearl tower in foxtail mountain park.

If it were not for the epidemic, almost all the people who came to Xiamen Shanhai health trail in spring would punch in at the cherry valley, the "Pearl of the sea" sightseeing tower.

Although there are not as many cherry blossoms as Yuantouzhu and no literature and art of Wuhan University, it is small and beautiful and has its own unique charm.

The cherry variety of Cherry Valley in foxtail mountain park is Guangzhou cherry. The flower opens before the leaf. It is an excellent woody ornamental flower. The best flowering period is between March and April every year.

The biggest highlight of flower appreciation here is that from the perspective of viewing, you have two choices.

One is to feel the beautiful picture overlooking the field of vision on the air walkway; The other is to walk into the path of flowers, stay in the sea of flowers and draw with people.

Without aerial photography, you can overlook the cherry trees scattered in the valley, stand in the valley and look at the flowers and the mountain sea health trail in the air.

This year's cherry blossoms are particularly good, and there are all kinds of flowers of different colors and varieties under the cherry tree, such as Yu Meimei, Persian chrysanthemum, sunflower, etc. they are as colorful as the earth tapestry.